Yamaha 3000w Inverter Generator

Yamaha 3000w Inverter Generator

SKU: EF3000iSE

Yamaha are the market leaders in incorporating state of the art technology in their generator units. Most notably are two particular performance enhancing features which set them apart.

Quiet operation: noise block technology and inbuilt mufflers make them the quietest generators in the market. Despite the power this unit delivers, it only produces a mere 51 decibels at quarter load.

Fuel efficiency: inbuilt smart throttles have extremely accurate automatic sensors which adjust the engine speed in accordance with the required load. You can get almost 21 hours of continuous runtime at a 25% rated output.

With the Yamaha EF3000iSE generator, you get the above standout features, and much more. The inverter system produces clean power without surges, so you can run all your favourite electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptops/tablets and televisions.

Furthermore, this model comes with convenient built in wheels (which are often an added cost for other brands) making it easy to manoeuvre around the camp ground, home or jobsite. Adding to the usability is the effortless electric start up function, meaning you can get power anywhere you want at the push of a button.

So if you want a best in class generator for your caravan/motorhome, your next important event/function, to run appliances for small business or just for domestic backup purposes during a blackout, the Yamaha EF3000iSE is a top quality choice. Complete with a four year warranty and backed by the national Yamaha service network of over 200 accredited service agents. 


Inverter system voltage regulator producing clean power

Electric starter and auto decompressor

Safety features: electronic circuit breaker system and low oil alert

Noise level suppressor and inbuilt muffler for quiet operation

Smart throttle technology to maximise fuel efficiency

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